Drupal Upgrade April 2008

On April 9th we upgraded our Drupal installation from version 4.x to version 5.x

The upgrade had a few quirks but generally went quite smooth and the site is up and running.

What does it mean to you?
Well, truthfully it may not matter to you a whole lot but it does provide significant extra security with respect to maintaining the integrity of the site. This upgrade to Drupal 5 allowed us to also install a few new features and lays the ground work to upgrade to Drupal 6. Some of the most notable new features today are:

  • Bookmarks: The bookmarks section has been upgrade to give you more flexibility in organizing and managing your site bookmarks and RSSi feeds, etc.
  • e-Postcard: You can can now send a simple, text based, e-card that shares this site address with others. Simply click the e-Postcard link in the left hand navigation panel, fill in the form, and press send.
  • Forward This Page To A Friend: At the bottom of every post you'll now see that new link. Click on that link to display a form. Fill in the form to automatically send a link and brief summary of the page you're reading to a friend. This is a fast and easy way to help spread the word about the website and the Multimedia SIGi and Macintech User Group in general.
  • Performance: The overall performance of the site is improved which is always a good thing.
  • Document Versions: User Group Officers and Site Administrators can create new revisions of documents when editing old content. This is a helpful way to keep track of changes made to a particular article. If more than one version is present, visitors can switch between them to read the version history.
  • Just One More Thing... We've changed the theme. Actually it's one of the drupal stock ones that has been slightly tweaked but it fits our look and feel pretty well. If you preferred the old theme just use the My Account link in the left navigation area and select it from the list. Talk about convenience -- we aim to please Smile

In addition those cosmetic changes there are numerous Administrative features added with this upgrade to Drupal 5 to make house keeping a whole lot easier Cool